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Waist Trainer BramptonIn Brampton, Canada, Waist Trainer Brampton is helping the city’s fashion conscious citizens to find a new twist to an old solution to a problem that has plagued women, and men, for centuries. A proper figure.

In this former suburb of Toronto, Waist Trainer Brampton is helping people to use a modern waist training corset to shape their waists and hips for a more aesthetic profile.

From old fashioned to high tech:

Corset training dates back many hundreds of years, and was quite the rage in Europe and North America off and on until the early 20th century. The idea was simple. To achieve the ideal shape, at least as defined by the current fashions, women, and men, wore undergarments equipped with thin bone or metal panels called stays which were cinched tight with a network of heavy laces, thus constricting the wearers waist and hips into the desired configuration.
Some models included breast support that also improved the bust line, but it was always the waist that was the center of attention, so to speak.

The effects of the Waist Training Corset, when worn extensively, lasted for many hours or even days after the garment was removed. The exact length of this long term effect depended on many factors including:

  • The wearer’s body type
  • How long each day the waist training corset was worn
  • How many days in a row they wore their waist trainer
  • How aggressively it was tightened

The best waist trainer from Waist Trainer Brampton

Waist Trainer Brampton has taken this old time technology and adapted it to modern life using high quality fabrics that are much lighter, more comfortable and easy to wear and care for.
Instead of bone and steel, the corset waist training effect is accomplished with strong but gentle elastic panels which hug the body and urge the figure into the desired configuration.

A well fitted body shaper from Waist Trainer Brampton can not only give you a classic contour on the dance floor when worn under your best club outfit, but has other long term benefits:

  • The best waist trainers from Waist Trainer Brampton can, like the corsets of old, produce a shaping effect that lasts for hours of even days without the help of the corset. This means that the shape you have with your latex waist trainer on can still be with you on the beach.
  • Increased energy and vitality due to an improved posture. Bad posture is an endemic problem and can result in back pain and cardiopulmonary issues. People who regularly wear a Waist Trainer Brampton corset find that the sit and stand up straight and have a better aligned spine.

Corset training with Waist Trainer Brampton

Whether you are looking for an hourglass waist trainer for that classic movie star figure or the sexy and popular Colombian waist training corset that is sweeping the club scene, Waist Trainer Brampton has a high quality, well fit garment for your figure management needs.

Check out the Waist Trainer Brampton animal print lines for more intimate moments.

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